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Welcome to Novo Chiropractic located at 8601 South 30th Street #108 in Lincoln, NE. It is our mission to humbly serve our community, with specific scientific neurologically based Chiropractic care, to be free of nerve interference and experience renewed health.

If you're looking for a top Lincoln chiropractor that provides family chiropractic care, we are here to help. Today many people are searching for a "chiropractor near me". We hope to be your first choice.

Novo Chiropractic is unlike traditional chiropractic, in that we address the master control system of the body, the nervous system. We get an exact assessment of your overall health by performing a full neurological and structural analysis, the results of which are utilized in helping you reach optimal health.

What Makes Novo Chiropractic Different From Other “Chiropractors Near Me”?

Novo Chiropractic was founded in Lincoln, Nebraska in November of 2018. We are a neurologically based chiropractic office that specializes in the nervous system to allow your brain and body to adapt to life's chemical, physical and emotional stresses.

The word "Novo" is Latin and means to "renew" or "make new." It is our mission to humbly serve our community, with specific scientific neurologically based Chiropractic care, to be free of nerve interference and experience renewed health.

We envision a world where the body, which God gifted us, is free of nerve interference. We want you and your family to live out your God-given purpose and adapt against life's stresses. You deserve to function at the highest level, free of dis-ease, and to achieve optimal health.

Novo Chiropractic is built upon using Chiropractic as a major tool to renew and enrich your life, your family's life, and our community, naturally, with specific scientific neurologically-based chiropractic adjustments, State-Of-The-Art technology, and the power of the body to achieve one's optimal health from Above-Down-Inside-Out.

Novo Chiropractic’s core values are:
Faith, Integrity, Trust, Value, Transparent, Renew

Chiropractor Lincoln NE Dr. Shane Davidson
2020 Best of Lincoln Award Winner Novo Chiropractic

Your First Visit at Novo Chiropractic

Your first visit here at Novo we will spend digging to find the root cause of your health concerns so we can get you started living a life you deserve with renewed health. That first visit will entail many different evaluations and assessments that will all be thoroughly reviewed by the doctor. We will then bring you back for your second visit. At this time the doctor will sit down with you 1 on 1 to go over all your findings from your previous visit and then you can receive your first neurologically-based chiropractic adjustment. Take action now and get an appointment scheduled today.

Why Dr. Davidson Became a Chiropractor in Lincoln

Dr. Shane Davidson was born and raised right here in Lincoln, Nebraska. He played college soccer at Hastings College and graduated with honors with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Marketing. He then attended the fountainhead, Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, Iowa. After completing his residency out in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he came back home to Lincoln to open Novo Chiropractic, a state of the art, neurologically-based chiropractic office. Dr. Shane has extensive training and experience in pregnancy, pediatrics, athletics, and overall wellness promotion. He has seen results with chiropractic for infertility, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, migraines, sinusitis, arthritis, acute pain, and much more.

He has also had the opportunity to watch many children benefit from chiropractic care with health issues like autism, ADHD, colic, bed-wetting, and ear infections. Dr. Shane is a member of the International Chiropractic Association, the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and the Lincoln Independent Business Association. Dr. Shane's passion is to educate and support the families of Lincoln through neurologically based chiropractic care so that babies, children, and adults may live a life of optimal health. In his spare time, Dr. Shane loves to spend time with his family, attend Husker Athletics, workout, and travel.

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A Neurologically Based Chiropractic Office

As a neurologically based chiropractic office, we specialize in getting your nervous system to function at the highest level. We offer many services to help you achieve optimal health. The most important of which is the specific scientific neurologically-based adjustment.

The neurologically-based chiropractic adjustment is quite different than any manipulation. It is extremely gentle, specific, and scientific. NO TWISTING, CRACKING, OR POPPING. It releases the body of stress so that you can function at the highest level. DRUG-FREE AND PAIN-FREE.