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Arm and Leg pain are conditions that millions of people suffer regularly. There are many causes and symptoms associated with these conditions, but seeing a chiropractor will likely provide the relief you are looking for. An arm or leg pain chiropractic specialist can give a proper assessment and offer an effective treatment plan. If you are looking for an arm and leg pain chiropractor, our chiropractor in Lincoln, NE is here to help. Give us a call at 402-817-7373 for more information.

What Are The Symptoms Of Arm & Leg Pain?

Arm and Leg Pain symptoms include:

  • Sharp or dull pain in the arm
  • Sharp or dull pain in the leg
  • Numbness in arm or leg
  • Tingling in arm or leg
  • Limited range of motion in limbs
  • Sciatica pain in front or back of the thigh
  • Pain in the arm that radiates to shoulder or back
  • Inability to bend or straighten the knee
  • Cramps in calves or thighs
  • Weakness in arms and legs

What Are The Causes Of Leg & Arm Pain?

Leg pain can be caused by:

  • Dehydration
  • Reactions to medication
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Cramps
  • Fatigue or strain in a muscle
  • Nutrient Shortages
  • Joint, tendon, or muscle injuries
  • Injury or strain to hips or ankles
  • Knee injuries
  • Herniated disc
  • Sciatica
  • Dislocations in spine

Chiropractic Care For Leg Pain

Dr. Shane Davidson DC, a chiropractor at Novo Chiropractic Lincoln clinic, provides several treatment paths for your leg pain. It is essential to get an assessment and a diagnosis so that the chiropractor can find the root cause of your pain. From there, treatment options include:

  • Spinal adjustments to reduce inflammation and pain and to mitigate the effects of muscle spasms
  • Chiropractic adjustments to keep your body in alignment. As your leg pain may come from spinal or nervous problems, spinal manipulation can help bring your entire body back into balance, relieving the pain in your legs. 
  • Massage might help reduce inflammation and spasms in your leg

How Novo Chiropractic Lincoln Clinic Can Help In Arm And Leg Pain In Lincoln City

Novo Chiropractic Lincoln clinic has a long history of providing quality care to those suffering from arm and leg pain in Lincoln, NE. Our arm and leg pain specialist, Dr. Shane Davidson DC, is a highly qualified professional who takes the time to understand all conditions. Dr. Shane Davidson DC focuses on addressing the root cause of your pain rather than simply providing temporary relief for your symptoms.

At Novo Chiropractic Lincoln clinic, you can rest assured that you will be getting a transparent, holistic experience committed to improving your overall health. If you have arm and leg pain in Lincoln, NE, call our office today!

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Do you have arm and leg pain in Lincoln? Most people don’t understand how much we use our arms and legs throughout the day. In fact, our shoulder and hip joints are two of the most mobile and frequently used joints in our bodies. This combination of frequency and mobility has led to a wide range of possible injuries and sources of pain. Our Lincoln chiropractic clinic is here to help.

Sometimes people enter Novo Chiropractic Lincoln completely aware of what caused their pain; maybe it is a weekend warrior who overused the joint in an athletic competition, an unfortunate participant in a car accident, a person lifting too much weight at work or home, or a grandmother who fell asleep holding their grandchild in one position all night. Typically, these situations cause almost immediate pain or discomfort as a result of muscle, bone, or nervous system damage and irritation.

However, many people develop arm and leg pain gradually over time and are relatively unaware of what may have caused it. When the patient is perplexed by what may have caused the pain, vertebral subluxations, arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, and frozen shoulder become likely suspects. In addition to these sources of pain, switching or taking new medications such as antibiotics, birth control, and anxiety medications have been shown to contribute to the development of arm and leg pain.

If this list of possible causes wasn’t confusing enough, it has also been shown that arm and leg pain is often caused by “referred pain”. This pattern of pain is often used to describe the sensation of pain down the left arm that people feel during the start of a heart attack. Another example of a referred pain pattern is the pain that an inflamed gall bladder causes under the right shoulder blade. Frequently, our doctors at Novo Chiropractic Lincoln see patients who present with arm and leg pain that is being referred from nerve irritation that begins at the spine. If the spaces where the nerves leave the spine become narrowed due to the vertebrae being out of position, the nerve becomes irritated and often produces pain down its entire path. The pain patterns associated with sciatica are a good example of this mechanism.

Arm And Leg Pain Lincoln

Due to the complexity of the joints and the vast number of possible causes, it is important that you see someone who is trained in these areas to get an accurate diagnosis. Our doctors at Novo Chiropractic Lincoln will use a detailed and complete approach to figure out what is exactly causing your pain, and as a result, the best possible treatment solution for it. Typically, our office will use a combination of a thorough history, physical examination, and advanced imaging to get to the root cause of your problems. Through their education and experience, our doctors are also able to use the location of the pain, aggravating or alleviating factors, type of pain sensation, and other symptoms such as swelling, skin changes, and bruising as other tools to assist in the diagnosis.

Can Chiropractic Help?

So how can chiropractic help my arm and leg pain? As with any condition, you want first to treat the most common and typical cause of the pain and symptoms. Our doctors at Novo Chiropractic Lincoln have found over many years that misalignments (subluxations) of the vertebrae in the neck are responsible for the vast majority of arm and leg pain. As described above, when these bones are out of position and lose their ability to move properly, they often cause irritation to the surrounding tissues, including the nerves. Many people are surprised when they see that many of the nerves in our body travel from our spine all the way to the ends of our fingertips and toes.

As a result, injuries to the vertebrae in the spine can create the sensation of pain anywhere along our arms and legs. Through this pattern of treatment, patients at our office have experienced high levels of success through chiropractic treatment. If you are experiencing arm or leg pain, contact Novo Chiropractic Lincoln to schedule a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arm And Leg Pain

Can back pain cause pain in the arms and legs?

If your back hurts, there is a good chance that you could end up experiencing pain in your arms and legs. Your spinal cord is a central part of your body, and all of your nerves are affected by it. If you continue to lose alignment or place pressure on these nerves, they could affect the nerves in your arms and legs, causing pain.

Can a chiropractor fix leg pain?

A chiropractor will often provide spinal adjustments or manipulation therapy to bring your spine back into alignment. This can relieve pressure on your nerves which may be affecting your legs and causing pain. They can also use massage to focus on acute pain and work out knots in your legs.

Can a chiropractor help with arm pain?

Much like with your legs, your arms are heavily affected by conditions in your spine. A pinched nerve may lead to arm pain. A chiropractor can adjust your spine and relieve pressure on your nerves, alleviating the pain in your arms.

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