Chiropractic Tips For Natural Healing In Back Pain

By: Dr. Shane Davidson DC

With most workers and students sitting at a desk for the entire day, back pain can become an annoying problem.  Anyone can get it, but when it starts soon, that’s when those affected need practical pain management strategies. If you want some useful tips from the best chiropractors in Lincoln NE, then we got you covered! We selected a couple of options that can aid with the ache and discomfort.

Back Pain Tips

People who experience persistent back pain that lasts over a couple of days should contact a Lincoln chiropractor. Our experts will suggest the best course of action when dealing with this kind of ailment. Other than that, you can create the perfect environment for your body by focusing on its natural healing properties. These tips will show you exactly what you need to try.

Exercise Regularly And With Care

Any mild to moderate physical activity can help with back pain. When you give your body the necessary workout, the activity can ease the stiffness and improve the flexibility of tendons and ligaments. Those who exercise regularly can enhance their mobility and avoid back injury. A Lincoln chiropractor can suggest the ideal form of exercise. 

Lift Carefully With Knees Bent

If you plan on lifting, you should be extra careful not to trigger back pain. Don’t bend the back, regardless of how heavy those weights are. You should maintain a straight-back posture to ease the tension and avoid damaging the muscles. 

Don't Sit For Too Long

A sedentary lifestyle can put a lot of pressure on the back. So, try to get up and move from time to time. 

Get A Good Mattress And Pillow

Sleeping on a tough surface can create extreme discomfort. You need a mattress and pillow that provides adequate support for the entire body and keeps the spine in its natural position. 

Don’t Sleep On Your Front

When you sleep on the stomach, you tend to twist the spine and pressure the neck muscles. The unnatural curvature and tension can make you wake up tired and dreary. Therefore, sleep on the back or side instead, if possible.

Set Your Desk Up Ergonomically

Pay attention to your sitting posture. Our Lincoln chiropractor can help you fix your posture and pain.

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