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Majority of industrialized countries suffer from low back pain. No matter how healthy you are, there is a good chance that you will suffer from back pain to some extent at various points in your lifetime. Back pain exists in many forms, including sharp shooting pain or a dull throbbing ache. Chronic back pain can make life difficult. It can even lead to further complications as the pain can radiate to the extremities if untreated. 

Painkillers may provide temporary pain relief. However, to help alleviate the pain and address the root causes, you will likely benefit from a back pain specialist’s services, also known as a back pain chiropractor. Chiropractic back adjustments have helped in providing effective relief from chronic back pain for millions of people. 

Our chiropractic neurologist aims to guide you in the right direction to deal with back pain through this article.

Symptoms Of Back Pain

Repetitive activities like lifting boxes or any heavy activity can trigger back pain. The cervical spine pain can be temporary or more prolonged and range from a slight muscle ache to a stabbing sensation. 

Here are the various symptoms that back pain patients may experience:

  • Pain in the lower portion of the spine, also known as lumbago, and legs that come with complex spine disorders
  • Loss of feeling in legs or lower back
  • Muscle spasms in the back, hips, or legs
  • Upper back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Joint pain either at rest or during physical activities or both
  • Cramps in the lower or upper back
  • Stomach pain 
  • Dull pain in various areas of the body
  • Leg pain in one or both legs
  • Increased pain during menstruation in women
  • Backache that won’t go away
  • Pain around ribs and back
  • Stiffness, numbness, and tingling sensation

Causes Of Back Pain

The most common causes of lower back pain are injury of the back muscles and intervertebral discs.  It’s in rare cases that congenital abnormalities and spinal irregularities are the cause. Some other activities can also trigger back pain:

  • Improper lifting  while doing  exercise or work
  • Poor posture when standing or sitting
  • Lack of regular exercise
  • A stress fracture or ruptured disc caused by injury
  • Strain or Sprain that occurs during sports or other activities
  • Sitting for prolonged periods
  • Cramping, ligament sprain, or muscle spasms due to injury, dehydration, or nutritional deficiencies
  • Burning
  • Joint pain conditions such as Sciatica, Scoliosis, and Arthritis
  • Herniated disc due to trauma or injury
  • Back joint dysfunction

Long Term Problems Due To Untreated Back Pain

According to Dr. Shane Davidson DC, a chiropractor at Novo Chiropractic Lincoln, you should not ignore back pain. Doing so can lead to long term problems including:

  • Degenerative disc disease osteoarthritis that occurs in the spine
  • Chronic pain that gets worse with time
  • Severe pain that becomes more frequent
  • Disability as the pain becomes more difficult to manage
  • Atrophy of core back muscles due to lack of use
  • Increased spine surgery risk as the condition worsens

When Do You Need Back Pain Treatment?

Consult a doctor immediately for back pain treatment if there is:

  • Nagging pain that continues to progress with time
  • Discomfort in other parts of the body caused by back pain
  • Pain that radiates from the lower back to legs
  • Pain that radiates from the upper back to arms
  • Inability to get back pain relief from OTC or topical pain relievers
  • Increased frequency and intensity of lumbar or thoracic pain

Immediate Pain Relief For Back Pain At Home

Quick back pain remedies for immediate relief include:

  • Ice packs or heat
  • Stretches and light exercises that target upper and lower back muscles
  • Avoiding activities that aggravate back pain, such as heavy lifting or sudden twisting motions
  • OTC or prescription pain relievers including ibuprofen and aspirin

Use medications only on a short-term basis. It is essential to see a chiropractor before the symptoms progress and cause long-term damage.

Chiropractic Back Pain Treatment

At Novo Chiropractic Lincoln, chiropractic care begins with a diagnosis through consultation, examination, and imaging. Following a proper diagnosis, Dr. Shane Davidson DC, a chiropractor at the clinic, may include treatment options as:

  • Spinal adjustments
  • Laser therapy
  • Changes to habits and lifestyle
  • Workouts focused on core strength and stabilization
  • Alternative therapies including acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy

Chiropractic treatment objectives include:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduction of dislocations
  • Expanded range of motion
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Prevent the need for surgery or medication
  • Prevent long-term damage to the spine

How Novo Chiropractic Lincoln Clinic Can Help In Back Pain Treatment

Novo Chiropractic Lincoln is the top chiropractic clinic in Lincoln for Back pain treatments. Dr. Shane Davidson DC is a highly rated chiropractor in Lincoln and specializes in treating back pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Back Pain

How do I know if my back pain is severe?

Consult a chiropractor immediately if:
  • The back pain persists or worsens over time
  • There is increased frequency and severity of episodes 
  • There is sudden unexplained weight loss
These could all be indicators of severe back pain or may lead to something more serious in time. 

Should I see a doctor if my back hurts?

Even minor pain that doesn’t interfere with everyday activities can lead to something more severe and debilitating. See a chiropractor to treat the current condition and prevent further deterioration. 

How many days rest for lower back pain?

The amount of rest needed will depend on the type and severity of the pain. Some cases require only a day or two of rest, while more severe conditions might require up to two weeks’ rest. Keep in mind to get some light exercise such as walking and not just lying in bed.

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