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Tips From A Chiropractor To Consider When You Stretch

By: Dr. Shane Davidson DC

Chiropractic treatment is often recommended for people who experience pain in the neck, back, and head. The treatment is considered complementary and can already provide significant improvements in various symptoms when used alone. According to NCBI study, the treatment is effective for some diseases too. There are times when the Best chiropractors in Lincoln NE may advise the patient to do some stretches at home. These stretches help to keep muscles from becoming tight and provide additional benefits. When stretching is recommended, you should understand how the process works and what types of stretches would work best. 

Before You Start

When advised to perform stretches at home, a few things to consider before you get started. First, consider any specific instructions provided by the Lincoln chiropractic facility. The chiropractor might have told you to wait a day or two before you begin with your stretches. Such advice is given for a good reason – as the chiropractor has already analyzed the structure and alignment of your spine, as well as related joints. 

Focus On Relaxing The Muscle

When you start with the stretches, make sure you stay relaxed. Feeling tense during stretches can reduce the efficacy of the activity. You should have a completely clear and calm mind during the stretch. If needed, try a relaxation technique before performing the stretches. The chiropractic treatment received should already help you feel more relaxed, as improvements in body alignment tend to reduce muscle stiffness. Meditation and other similar relaxation techniques can be used before stretching to help you achieve a calmer state of mind. 

Two Basic Stretches To Try

There are a large variety of stretches you can do both before and after your season at a Lincoln chiropractic care facility. Some stretches work on specific areas of your body, while others offer a more systemic solution. We share two important stretches to perform below. 

Hip Flexor Stretch

The hip flexor stretch helps you get rid of tightness at your hips. There are different variants of the stretch. This includes the kneeling hip flexor stretch, as well as the standard variant. 

Pelvic Lift

The pelvic lift is excellent for strengthening muscle groups in your glutes, lower abdomen, and lower back. The stretch also helps you maintain balance in your hips. 

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