Chiropractor Helps Auto Injury Patients

By: Dr. Shane Davidson DC

Whiplash injury is associated with motor vehicle collisions and is a typical cause of chronic disability. The main form of treatment for this type of joint dysfunction is spinal manipulation. 

A Lincoln Chiropractor can help you get it right. With the help of chiropractic adjustment, an expert practitioner will use a short thrust in the proper direction to help alleviate the pain and discomfort. If you want to know more about whiplash and chiropractic care, this quick guide from a Lincoln Chiropractor can help.

Chiropractic Care For Auto Accident Patients

Many people want to know how a Lincoln Chiropractor helps auto accident patients. Whiplash occurs the moment the neck muscles experience strain due to quick or sudden forward and backward movements. This unexpected motion is tearing and stretching the tendons, causing the whiplash. With chiropractic help, you get to relax the muscles and stimulate gentle stretches. A Licensed Chiropractor in Lincoln, NE will use these stretches and unique pressure techniques to stimulate points in the body to alleviate the pain and tightness. But, before you ask for treatment, make sure you are familiar with the symptoms. 

Whiplash Symptoms

The second the neck gets injured, it adds pressure to the nerves, discs, tendons, and muscles around the affected area. To spot whiplash, pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • Neck stiffness, pain, or discomfort
  • Dizziness and Ear ringing
  • Numbness in the hands or arms
  • Pain that affects the lower back
  • Pain spreading to the shoulders

If you recognize any of these signs, contact a Lincoln Chiropractor and ask them for the necessary treatment. Properly adjusting the headrest in your vehicle can also help.

The Importance Of Your Headrest

The fundamental function of a vehicle headrest is to ensure neck and head safety. They’ve been designed to decrease whiplash and the uncomfortable side effects in case of a collision. Using a proper headrest when driving can help reduce the likelihood of neck damage but won’t necessarily prevent it. It depends on the severity of the impact.

Other Causes of Whiplash

Besides a car accident, whiplash could result from a sports injury, physical trauma, fall, or abuse. Most mild cases of whiplash can heal in around six months after the accident. However, in severe cases, neck pain can persist for well over ten years if left untreated.

A Healthy Neck Is Your Best Defense

To keep your neck in excellent shape, consult with your Lincoln Chiropractor on how to maintain proper posture and stronger muscles. With adequate treatments, you can provide your neck with the ultimate natural defense.


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