Chiropractic Care Focuses On Cause Rather Than Masking The Symptoms

By: Dr. Shane Davidson DC

In life, when an issue arises, figuring out what caused the problem is a top priority. Every health problem has its cause. There is usually a starting point from which the problem develops and causes more uncomfortable symptoms along the way. Unfortunately, it is often hard not to focus on the symptoms. For example, if the foundation of your house is off, your windows might not shut, and your doors might not close. You don’t need new doors or install new windows; you need to correct the foundation. You need to fix the cause of the problem.

Most approaches today focus on the symptoms. They work primarily to decrease the severity of pain, discomfort or to improve the range of motion. While managing symptoms is a good thing, the whole approach doesn’t mean much if the root cause of the illness remains untreated. Instead, the problems reappear and affect your quality of life. Our chiropractor in Lincoln, NE goes in a different direction, and instead of masking the symptoms, these health professionals aim to correct the cause of your health problem.

The modern lifestyle is fast-paced, and we’ve become inclined to look for easy and fast solutions. For that reason, we take a pill to relieve even the mildest pain. Or get a prescription for medications to tackle some health issues we’re experiencing. These solutions are simple and easy, but they’re concerned with the symptom and not the root cause at the end of the day. In America, we far too often try to cover up our health concerns with medications or surgeries. But what happens as soon as someone with high blood pressure stops taking their pills? Their blood pressure goes right back up. So, was the medication correcting the issue or just simply masking the problem? Just masking it, right. To improve your health and quality of life, you need to think about “why does this problem happen” and “how to fix the source of the issue.” Once you focus on these points, it gets better. You become more mindful and seek to find natural yet practical solutions that will help you address the source of bothering you.

Addressing The Root Causes Of Health Problems

Scheduling an appointment to see a chiropractor is a step in the right direction. As neurologically-based chiropractors, this is exactly what we do. Rather than working with the muscles and bones, like a traditional chiropractor, we work directly with your nervous system, your brain, and spinal cord, which controls every function in your body. We do a thorough examination, performed manually, but may order an x-ray if necessary. The examination shows irregularities and misalignments that are causing functionality problems, pain, and other symptoms. Once the cause is uncovered, we propose the best way to tackle it. That’s where the relief comes from. By acting specifically on the initiating factor, a chiropractor improves your quality of life without masking symptoms.

Do you remember playing the game “telephone” when growing up? “Telephone” is when many kids sit in a circle and all repeat the same message. Well, what happens if someone says the wrong message? EVERYTHING is messed up after that! Your body works in a very similar fashion. If you have a misalignment at the top of your spine, causing nerve interference, then not only could it cause headaches, but it could also cause digestive issues or sciatica. You see, where you feel the pain is not necessarily where the cause of the issue is coming from, just like when someone has a heart attack, but their left shoulder and jaw hurt.

What every person wants is to be healthy and happy. You’re not asking for too much, but health is often challenging to achieve. Millions of people are experiencing various health problems, and most of these problems are entirely manageable. The only problem is that the management technique is often wrong as people focus on the manifestations of those conditions, not on the root causes. With us, you can change your approach to health. Our goal is not for you to just temporarily feel better and have you continually come back for pain relief. Ibuprofen can do the same thing at a far lower cost. Our goal at Novo Chiropractic Lincoln is not only to get you to your optimal level of health but to keep you there for life.

Novo Chiropractic Lincoln would like to extend a full neurological evaluation and complete consultation at an amazing cost as an added benefit to all.


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