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Feeling Vs. Function

By: Dr. Shane Davidson DC

A common belief is that you only schedule an appointment with Lincoln, NE chiropractic practice when you’re in pain. Then, you see the chiropractor who performs a spinal examination and recommends the most suitable treatment approach. As soon as you feel better, there is no need to see a chiropractor anymore.  Does this seem familiar to you? Most people think that way. Somehow chiropractic treatments are reserved for persons who are in pain or experience other problems. Seeing a chiropractor is deemed unnecessary if you’re healthy and pain-free.  So once you feel better, you go on with your life and don’t even think about scheduling an appointment for a single session until you experience pain again or some other problem. But here’s the thing, chiropractic isn’t just for those moments when you’re in pain. You can see your chiropractor even if you’re healthy. It’s recommended to do so. 

Why is feeling vs. function important?

Chiropractic isn’t a last resort, something you do only when nothing else helps, or an appointment you schedule when you’re not feeling well. The power of chiropractic is massive but primarily underestimated. 

You see, a chiropractor is an expert on your spine and central nervous system. That means chiropractic professionals are experts on all nerves in the body. As you’re already aware, the nervous system controls pretty much all functions in our body and regulates all processes that take place inside. Misalignment of the spine and other problems that happen can act on the nerves and thereby affect your general health and well-being. When you feel pain, lack of energy, decreased range of motion, and other problems. Correcting the misalignment helps address these symptoms and allows you to recover.

But correcting isn’t the only approach here. Prevention and timely reaction in certain situations are also crucial. 

Let’s put it this way – you don’t schedule an appointment at the dentist’s only when you have a toothache or notice huge cavities. You do it regularly so the dentist can help maintain your dental health and spot problems in their early stages. Well, a chiropractor can do the same. Your chiropractor can identify issues with the central nervous system and spine before they escalate and harm your general well-being and quality of life. For that reason, you should strive to schedule an appointment even if you’re not feeling pain or discomfort. That is the best way to act promptly and focus on the root causes of the problem instead of masking the symptoms with medications.

How do I achieve optimal function and health?

Chiropractors aim to improve your body function. They do so through adjustments that act to resolve nerve-related interference, which can harm your health and movement. A chiropractor is concerned with the exact cause of your problems. It doesn’t just want to make symptoms go away. 

If you’re looking for optimal function and health, you need to schedule an appointment and see Dr. Shane Davidson, DC. As a neurologically based chiropractor in Lincoln, Nebraska, Dr. Shane Davidson DC strives to help you treat underlying problems and maintain your general wellbeing. It’s all about proper adjustments, good care, and great expertise.

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