How Neurologically Based Chiropractic Care Differ From Typical Chiropractic Care

By: Dr. Shane Davidson DC

Our chiropractic office discusses the nervous system a lot because our chiropractic practice is neurologically based. Every treatment method we offer is centered around proper nerve function, including its direct connection to the trillion cells in the human body. The nervous system runs every system, emotion, organ, tissue, etc., within our body. Here is what makes our practice stand out from the rest.

Get Connected

A neurologically-based chiropractic practice differs from typical chiropractic due to its primary focus on spinal misalignment. Imagine hanging up your Christmas lights. All the lights are connected by the wires plugged into the outlet. There is one main line and several little ones that run up into the bulbs. When the electric current runs up into the bulb, it turns on the light bulb, giving the bulb function, similar to how your nervous system works.  The Brain would be referred to as the electrical outlet; the spinal cord would be the main cord that all the lights are attached to from the outlet. The spinal cord communicates to all the nerves within our body to each “light bulb” limb, organ, etc. The little cords that branch off the main cord that runs up into the light bulbs to turn them on would be our nerves to provide the function that the brain is telling them to do. Exactly how your Christmas lights work: power from the outlet travels down the mainline and branches off into the other wires that go into the bulbs to light up the Christmas lights. What happens when one light isn’t working on the string of lights? That’s right! The rest of the lights will not turn on, causing dysfunction and/or no function at all. Some lights might blink very fast instead of a steady light stream. Some lights may just turn off totally, and the following lights are going from that one light down the rest of the cord. There is nothing wrong with the lights; the lights are not receiving the electrical current through the wire, which causes them to be off or sporadically blink here and there with certain cord positions. Usually, this means we go through the entire cord and find a bulb that is not receiving the “message” and replace it. Then “Voila!” the lights all work. Our body is the same. When a message from the brain is being interrupted by a subluxation, which is a misalignment of the spine, wouldn’t you agree that the message may be blocked or not getting through 100% to wherever that message was supposed to be going? ABSOLUTELY! We can’t “switch out a light bulb” as Spine Transplant does not exist. It is imperative to get spinal adjustments to enable the flow of our messages from the brain through the spinal cord to the nerves to create a function within our body. DON’T PULL THE PLUG! GET CONNECTED & LIGHT THE BULBS!!  At our chiropractic office, our Lincoln chiropractor are using the latest techniques for proper nervous system control. We treat the root of the condition so that you can enjoy long-term results. We make sure to focus on your performance, well-being, and state of the nervous system. Instead of limiting our capabilities, we use all the benefits chiropractic care can offer. Those who struggle with neck, back, shoulder, muscle, sciatica, and other complaints can make the most of our nervous-based treatment. 

What Do The Spine And Nervous System Have In Common?

Chiropractic practice uses spinal alignment and other practical techniques to curb aches and discomfort. For those wondering what makes the spine and nervous system intertwine, we selected valuable information that can help answer your queries. 

The spine has a crucial role in shielding the pathway that carries the messages from the brain to the body and vice versa. It has the job to protect while maintaining movement. There are exactly 24 bones in the spine capable of movement. Between the vertebrae, there is a disc or a cushion. 

Its purpose is to absorb the incoming shock, therefore boosting stability. But, to have the ultimate stability, you must rely on your ligaments. Without adequate alignment, all these functions become challenging to carry out. By postponing the adjustment, you could alter the function of the brain. 

Our chiropractic practice can optimize the movement and alignment of the spine. It can also aid joint functions, soft tissue, and nerve health state. With an approach such as this one, you will have an easier time overcoming the pain and discomfort caused by a poorly functioning nervous system. This is the kind of treatment you need for a healthy brain so that you can restore that mind-body connection.

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