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Are you familiar with the persistent discomfort that knee pain can bring to your daily life? The knee, often taken for granted, plays a vital role in our everyday activities. It’s not just responsible for the repetitive bending and straightening of our lower legs, it also bears the weight of our upper body. This dynamic joint not only acts as a hinge but also offers a degree of rotational flexibility, granting us a broader range of motion. Yet, this very versatility can make the knee more vulnerable to injuries.

At Novo Chiropractic Lincoln, we understand the impact of knee pain on your daily routines. Our commitment lies in providing effective knee pain treatments to the Lincoln community. Dr. Shane Davidson DC, our knee pain specialist, is well-versed in various treatment methods, ensuring a quick and thorough assessment of your specific discomfort.

Symptoms Of Knee Pain

There are a variety of knee pain symptoms, including:

  • Inability to balance
  • Stiffness or swelling in the knee
  • Dull or aching pain around the knee
  • Stabbing pain above or below the knee
  • A knee that is warm to the touch
  • Weakness in knee and legs
  • Reduced range of motion in the knee
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Cracking sounds and feelings when moving the knee

Causes Of Knee Pain

  • ACL Injury or tear – This is damage to the ligament that keeps the knee together during rotation
  • Fracture to bones 
  • Torn meniscus – damage to the cartilage that helps absorb shock
  • Knee bursitis – inflammation of sacs near the knee joint that help protect bones and tendons
  • Patellar tendinitis – injury to the tendon that connects your shin to your kneecap (your patella). 
  • Gout and infections
  • Ruptured ligament and Torn cartilage
  • Osteoarthritis

What Knee Conditions Can Chiropractors Help With?

Chiropractors are skilled in addressing a range of painful knee conditions that can hinder your mobility and quality of life. Some of the knee conditions commonly treated by Novo Chiropractic Lincoln include:

Osteoarthritis (OA): OA develops when the knee’s articular cartilage deteriorates due to factors like aging or injury. This degeneration results in bone-on-bone friction, leading to pain, stiffness, and limited joint movement.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): This autoimmune condition is marked by inflammation, swelling, and stiffness in the knee joint. Over time, RA can cause damage to bones, joints, and cartilage.

Meniscal Injury: Meniscal tears can occur due to aging, arthritis, or forceful twisting or rotation of the knee, causing pain and reduced functionality.

Patellar Tendonitis: Often seen in athletes, patellar tendonitis is a repetitive injury that inflames and weakens the patellar tendon, connecting the kneecap to the shinbone.

Chiropractic Treatment For Knee Pain

At Novo Chiropractic Lincoln, our chiropractor assesses whether your knee pain stems from a primary cause or a compensatory one. A compensatory cause arises when your knee’s alignment or function is compromised due to compensation for issues in other areas of your body, such as tightness elsewhere.

We also take into consideration accompanying symptoms like inflammation, stiffness, and weakness.

Chiropractic knee pain treatment often extends beyond the knee itself to address the neck, spine, and hips. Tightness and misalignments in these areas can be contributing factors to knee pain. Additionally, you may have developed poor posture and movement patterns in an attempt to alleviate pressure on your knee.

Our chiropractic treatments for knee pain include:

Manual Manipulation: A hands-on technique that aligns your spine and joints to reduce stress, enhance posture, and boost mobility.

Traction: This approach involves stretching the knee to reduce inflammation and improve mobility.

Ultrasound: Sound waves with a massaging effect can alleviate pain, inflammation, and stiffness.

Electrotherapy: Devices like transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) units deliver small electric pulses to reduce swelling, relieve tension, and improve blood flow.

Cold Laser: This treatment aids in reducing inflammation and accelerating the healing process.

Home Exercise Program: We provide a customized plan that includes rehabilitation exercises and stretches to strengthen your knee and its supporting muscles.

Chiropractic care presents a natural and holistic solution designed to alleviate the discomfort of knee pain resulting from various underlying causes. Our focus is clear: to improve the mobility and function of your knees, enabling you to move with ease and experience relief from knee pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Knee Pain

What causes knee pain under the kneecap?

Knee pain under the kneecap has several causes, most commonly patellar tendinitis when the tendon between your kneecap and shin becomes injured or inflamed. Runner’s knee is also a common cause of this type of pain.

What does a torn tendon in the knee feel like?

A torn tendon – usually a patellar tendon – can be very painful and usually feels like a popping sensation when it happens. Afterward, there can be significant pain and a lot of swelling in the region. You also may have trouble putting your knee in a straight position.

What is the most painful knee injury?

In general, an ACL tear is considered the most painful knee injury and often the one that requires the most rehabilitation. The ACL runs between the thigh and shin. ACL tears are common among athletes because of the motions they make.

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