Thank You Practice Members!!

By: Dr. Shane Davidson DC

Your Licensed Chiropractor in Lincoln, NE at Novo Chiropractic Lincoln is thankful for all of our practice members! Novo Chiropractic Lincoln values each of its practice members and their families. Being a huge role in each individual’s wellness journey is indeed a blessing to all of us at Novo Chiropractic Lincoln. Changing lives one at a time, individually, and listening to your needs sets us apart and raises the bar.

We Value Our Members

Working with people is our specialty and our passion. We are happy that you have chosen us as an essential part of your health team! Every person who comes through our doors is receiving excellent results which have changed lives. That is what it’s all about, changing lives to live a healthier and happier life to the best of one’s abilities. Every time one of our practice members tells us something they can do and accomplish now that they were not able to do before, it inspires and touches our hearts.

Dr. Shane states, “Health is all about function. How well you are functioning determines how truly healthy you are. It’s more than just ‘feeling good’; it’s about functioning at your ultimate potential. When your body is functioning at 100%, you have the innate ability to adapt to anything that occurs in your environment, and you can continually maintain optimal health.”

Novo Chiropractic Lincoln takes this opportunity to thank everyone who has become part of the family over the years. We have served numerous patients and have developed growing relationships with these individuals. We believe in getting to know the patient, which helps the Lincoln chiropractic team better understand the patient’s symptoms, lifestyle, and needs. 

We thank our staff for the effort that is placed into the practice each and every day. We believe that every member of the practice plays a critical role in ensuring success at the end of the day, and we appreciate this effort. 

Our professionals have always been committed to understanding the individual patient, setting aside time to talk about their symptoms, and developing a program that truly addresses factors related to misalignments in the body.

Why We Do What We Do

Having so many success stories defines what we are about! Novo Chiropractic Lincoln works with each person on an individual basis to create specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and tangible goals. Novo Chiropractic Lincoln is built upon using chiropractic as a major tool to renew and enrich your life, your family’s life, and our community, naturally, with specific scientific neurologically-based chiropractic adjustments, State-Of-The-Art technology, and the power of the body to achieve one’s optimal health from Above-Down-Inside-Out.

Rebuilding and creating neurological pathways does take time. We have so many practice members that have received excellent results that we are confident that Novo Chiropractic Lincoln can help almost everyone! Everyone’s health and wellness journey is different based on each practice member’s place within their body’s healing process.

Novo Chiropractic Lincoln is grateful for all of our practice members and our soon-to-be practice members. It truly is a fantastic sight to see the transformation of what those direct results have added to each practice member’s health, life, wellbeing, and outlook on life. Thank you for letting us continue to be part of your wellness journey!

Team Novo

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