Chiropractic Care When You Are Injured

By: Dr. Shane Davidson DC

Most people sustain injuries at one point or another in their lifetime. You don’t plan to get injured, but they happen. What we can easily conclude here is that millions of people deal with injuries. Some injuries are mild and don’t induce a major impact on a person’s quality of life, and others are moderate-to-severe enough to cause various problems. These problems affect your quality of life. Injuries are treatable; scheduling an appointment at the Licensed Chiropractor in Lincoln, NE is the most important step on the road to recovery.

Why do injuries respond to chiropractic care in Lincoln?

Chiropractic care helps treat and prevent injuries thanks to spinal adjustments. The adjustments ensure proper alignment of bones and support our balance, thus relieving tension. Relief of tension alleviates pain and increases the range of motion. In other words, chiropractic care can support the healing process and recovery after the injury.

Common Types Of Chronic Injuries

Chronic injuries occur over time. They are persistent and tend to recur from time to time, which is why they can be tricky to manage. The reality is that chronic injuries are numerous, but we can classify them into the following categories:

  • Work injuries 
  • Injuries caused by auto accidents, e.g., whiplash (head whips back and then forward in a violent motion)
  • Sport-related injuries
  • Wear and tear injuries

In many cases, chronic injury is the result of a previous injury that didn’t heal properly. Impaired healing of an injury can create an imbalance in muscles and produce weakness or tightness. Moreover, chronic injury is also a product of long-term habits such as wearing non-supportive footwear.

Treating Causes And Not Symptoms

Injuries require a proactive approach to heal properly. A proactive approach means treatment in a timely manner and addressing the root cause of injury. Unfortunately, medicine today focuses on addressing the symptoms only. What makes chiropractic treatment important is that it acts on the underlying cause of the injury. The process starts with chiropractors in Lincoln carefully evaluating the injury and medical history to develop a plan of action based on your specific needs. 

Spinal adjustment allows bones, muscles, and other spine components to get back into their place to relieve compression of the nerve. Moreover, spinal adjustments at chiropractic in Lincoln improve blood circulation, which is crucial for healing. As the root cause is addressed, your injury gets to heal properly and naturally. Chiropractic care allows a patient to have a pain-free life with an improved range of motion and increased flexibility. For that reason, chiropractic can prevent injuries too.

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