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Chiropractic Care Explains the Five Ways to Love Yourself

By: Dr. Shane Davidson DC

Visiting a Lincoln chiropractor is not just about correcting your spinal health but also about learning things that can enhance your self-worth. Many are concerned with their style, performance, weight status, personality, sexuality, and more. Because of our hectic lifestyle and demanding environment, it is no wonder why so many are struggling with poor self-worth. Here, the Licensed Chiropractor in Lincoln, NE will tell you exactly how to beat that status quo. 

Love Yourself

Instead of self-love and self-respect, most develop a people-pleasing persona. But, this is a losing battle. To build yourself and break these patterns, you need healthier and happier circumstances. You should work on loving yourself. If you have no idea how to get it right, here are a couple of ways that can show you the ropes. Contact our Lincoln chiropractor for more details.

Keep A Journal

It’s easy to lose track of time and personal goals. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, you should track and organize your mood and emotions. Journaling helps with that. By writing down your worries and fears, you will prioritize these issues and work on the stress triggers. 

Whenever you write down a negative thought, come up with three or more positive ones. With positive self-talk, you get an opportunity to identify your negative behaviors and de-stress. 

Cook At Home

To learn to love yourself, journaling will be the tip of the iceberg. To make the most of your efforts, you should work on the food you eat. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. It is a solid idea to incorporate balanced and healthy food choices into your diet. 

The foods you consume can promote dopamine and serotonin production. These are all chemicals that regulate the mood and promote a good night’s rest. 

Get Outdoors

A lengthy adventure is good for the mind and body. Not only for the thrill of a new journey, but the breath of fresh air you can acquire by spending time outside. There is an abundance of regions you can explore, all of which can stimulate your mood and well-being. 

Spend Time With People You Love

Spending time with individuals who love, appreciate, and respect you will make it easier for you to learn to love yourself. Removing yourself from a toxic environment can have a plethora of benefits. With a good crowd, you don’t have to worry about pleasing others. Instead, you can be yourself.

Get Adjusted

Of course, you can’t just change the way you perceive yourself overnight. It can take some time and effort to get the desired effect. If you need some help with your spine and well-being, contact our Lincoln chiropractor.


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