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Novo would like to encourage you to show a little love to yourself! Doing things for yourself encourages self-worth and is an important part of overall wellness. Here is a list of five ways you can love yourself this Valentine’s Day. Contact our Lincoln chiropractor for more ideas on how to love yourself.

Keep a Journal

The New York Times just published a great article that referenced several recent studies that all came to the same conclusion: journal your thoughts and you can “write your way to happiness.” Experts have long said that writing by hand helps with brain function, so why not increase your happiness level and brain output by spending time writing in your journal.

Cook at Home

Knowing that you can quickly whip up a meal that is delicious and easy on the waistline is a great health booster for the busybodies among us. Take the time to learn how to cook a new meal this month that is healthy and tasty. There are so many wonderful online website and blogs that specialize in nutritious and fast meals that finding a recipe that appeals to you shouldn’t be a problem. Knowing how to make it and keeping the ingredients around to prepare it will boost your confidence in food choices and make you think twice about grabbing fast food next time you’re ready for a quick fix.

Get Outdoors

Adventure is important to the body and soul and can help to keep excitement alive in our relationships and lives in general. Even if you don’t have the funds or free time to travel overseas, you can certainly find something new and active to do that is within a few hours from where you live. We are blessed on the central coast to have an abundance of warm and sunny places to explore and adventure. Find somewhere you haven’t been before, plan an adventure, and get outside.

Spend time with people you love

It is Valentine’s, after all. This may seem silly, but there is something to be learned from the process of falling in love. Whether it’s falling in love with your children or your partner, the process involves parts of the brain that are important to have engagements.

Get Adjusted

Sure, it’s a plug, but making sure that your body is in good working order is a great way to show yourself some love. Everything from the energy that you feel each day to immune system strength and even the aches and pains that may plague you, begin in your spine. Show yourself some love and come get your spine checked out!

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