Chiropractic Discusses The Importance Of Proper Child Backpacks

By: Dr. Shane Davidson DC

Choosing the right backpack is often easier said than done. Nowadays, a wide range of backpacks is available in stores and online. They come in different colors, shapes, and designs. The appealing design of backpacks often makes us overlook their functionality entirely. This is especially if your child is choosing the backpack – they will always opt for the “coolest” one. Of course, that’s perfectly understandable because children don’t understand the reason functionality matters. As a parent, you choose a proper child backpack, and if you’re not sure what to go for, our best chiropractor in Lincoln, NE can help you out. We’ll be able to recommend a backpack that meets all of the above criteria and is also stylish enough for your child.

Child Backpacks

When choosing a proper child backpack, you need to start with your child’s weight. That way, you can understand the max weight your child can carry. For example, backpacks for small children should weigh up to 10lbs, 15lbs for 150-lb children, and 7.5lbs for a 75-lb child.

Now you’re probably wondering why weight matters in the first place? Well, heavy backpacks can harm your child, regardless of their design. Placing a heavy backpack on their tiny shoulders can pull a child backward. To compensate for this pulling action, the child may start bending forward at the hips or arch the back. As a result, the child’s spine starts compressing unnaturally. This puts your kid at a greater risk of neck, shoulder, and back pain.

It’s also useful to keep in mind that many kids wear backpacks over one shoulder only. This habit could make them lean to one side to offset the excess weight. Upper and lower back pain may ensue. The child is also at a higher risk of straining the neck and shoulders.

Heavy backpacks can also decrease blood flow, impaired posture, cause headaches, put too much stress on the lower back area, and jeopardize a child’s health and wellbeing.

Tips For Choosing A Backpack

An ideal backpack for your child should have two straps and a padded back. The straps should be wide and padded to distribute the load more effectively. Additionally, you need to choose the right size. The golden rule is to make sure the backpack is no more significant than the child’s back, and it should lie one to two inches below the shoulders and a maximum of four inches below the waist.

Encourage your child to pick up and wear a backpack properly. They should avoid wearing the backpack over one shoulder only. To pick up the backpack, they should squat or kneel and lift with their legs. For the best support, it’s essential to adjust the straps for a snug fit.

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